Seven Deadly Sins

by Oracle

Released 2018
Released 2018
Beautifully constructed extreme metal stripped down into a pure state of raw aggression.
Hailing from Mobile, Alabama, Oracle offers extreme metal with intention. Ranging from melodic to outright bludgeoning brutality, it’s the elaborately well-conceived song structures that bring together all of the interesting musical elements for a truly exciting listening experience. Like an intricately crafted movie plot with multiple twists and turns, Oracle takes the same approach with their music. Tracks transition through multiple moods, tones, and tempos not simply because they can, but because they need to in order to achieve such monumental levels of depths and dynamics this band delivers.

Formed originally in 2016, the trio now consists of the father and son duo Trey Ozinga (drums/guitar) and Ray Ozinga (bass); along with Jason Long (vocals/guitar). To date, Oracle has released three full length studio albums – ‘Beyond Omega’ (2016), ‘Into the Unknown’ (2017) and 'Seven Deadly Sins' (2018).